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This is the Wide Minds Moodle website. Moodle is our powerful collaboration site used by schools, teachers and crew members alike. Here you will find information on all WiMi activities from conferences to school projects to support structures and resources. Below you will see our 'Course Categories', many of which are open to guest users. Some courses may require enrolment and some may be private.
Good luck to those of you who have recently applied for Erasmus + projects. Remember to let us know how you get on and that this network is a good way to get school partners for such initiatives. The application process is not easy and is very time consuming so you will need to start thinking about it in October 2015 if you want to apply in March 2016.  

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WiMi is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission
Ref. number:141975- 2008-UK-CNW

Wide Minds is a Comenius network consisting of 14 countries throughout Europe, and it acts as a forum for innovation and best practice in digital learning. We aim to provide educational professionals with the training and support mechanisms necessary to develop eLearning and multilingualism in the exciting context of international projects.

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