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Guide to video conferencing in schools

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up and Using Video Conferencing for Schools

Video conferencing has become an increasingly popular way for schools to keep students and staff connected dur

Kids Started On Programming

Fun Ways To Get Kids Started On Programming: A Comprehensive Guide

Teaching kids to program has become increasingly popular in recent years. It can be a great way to help develo

Breaking Barriers for Strengthening Integration

The Power of Breaking Barriers: Strengthening Integration of Students From Different Countries Through Projects

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected and globalized, with more students and professionals traveli

is online teaching effective

Is online teaching effective

Online learning, also known as e-learning or digital learning, is the ability to learn using technology. It re

E-learning conference

Elearning conference: Tips for a successful event

Elearning conference: how to make the most of your experience Participation in e-learning conference

Moodle for Language Teaching

Using Moodle to Teach Languages

In this blog post, we will present some ideas on what activities and tasks can be used to teach languages effe

ICT as a tool for social inclusion

ICT as a tool for social inclusion

How ICT could help in inclusion? ICT can make a significant contribution to social inclusion by enab

robotics contest for students

Robotics Contest for Students provides opportunity to showcase skills

One of the best benefits of organising a robotics competition is that students can showcase their skills. Whet

Multilingual Content in Moodle

Multilingual Content in Moodle

Perhaps you have students of different nationalities or you need to conduct a course in another language. In b